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Game Description

The Cat Flag
This flag game featuring funny cat’s dance! which can be enjoyed by persons of all ages. When you tap the color buttons of the flag raised, it becomes the correct answer.

At the first stages, you can enjoy comical cat’s dance. As you go up the level, it gets faster and faster. Looks like an easy game at first glance, but… Button colors are switched occasionally and even the cat makes feints. The game speed increases as you proceed, so the game becomes harder and harder. If you answer quickly, the higher your score.

Score of players are uploaded on Apple’s "Game Center". Let’s Compete with other players worldwide for top ranking!

-- Recommendation Point --

Unlike other flag-raising games, this game doesn't require players to type words or give voice command, making playable for young children to adults. Everyone around the world can also enjoy this game as well! This game is simple enough to enjoy on the way to work or school and is a highly recommended game to play during your free time. Please let the mildly fashionable and laid back personality of the cat bring a feeling of relaxation to you .

※ This game is compatible with devices using iOS6.0 installments or higher.




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